Shanghai Mei Fung Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Profile
First, the scale of the company
Shanghai Mei Fung Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, located in Shanghai Pudong New Area of-town construction area of 6000 m2, the existing 80 million yuan in fixed assets in 2001 was rated the top 50 enterprises in Shanghai packaging.
Second, the company's main products
1、coextrusion cast polypropylene film (CPP) (CPP)
Non-extension of tensile polypropylene film (CPP)-based company's main products, and its main varieties of a film, Du Lvmo, Cooking film, toughening film, anti-static film five major categories of products. In addition to CPP cast films, but also production CPE, EVA, EVOH, and other special films, thickness of 15 μ m ~ 100 μ m, Wide 320 ~ 2200 mm, the largest winding diameter of 1000 mm.
2、Blow polyethylene film (PE)
Hubei light industrial companies use the three-tier film coextrusion blow molding production lines with annual production capacity of 600 tons. Production functions of different varieties of polyethylene film, a common variety of films (including Rubai film colored film), frozen film, liquid packaging films, heavy film, dedicated transfer coating of splitting the windows, anti-static film, the thickness of 30 μ m ~ 150 μ m , 500 ~ 1200 mm wide
Third, the company production capacity and quality assurance
Strong technical force, advanced production equipment, in 1995 and 1999 Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to introduce two 3-to 5-layer coextrusion tensile film production line and British Atuolasi Company (ATLAS) of the Slitter equipment, formed a year Producing 9,000 tons of different types of cast film production. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of the two production lines can produce different types of products, a five-story co-extruded production line in addition to the main production CPP products can be produced CPE, EVA, EVOH, and other special films; another extension of a dedicated stream of polypropylene film production line can produce high CPP quality films, especially in the ultra-thin (15 μ m) and the metal of the CPP-type films have a greater advantage. Two production lines are using advanced computer control systems, production lines are all the parameters through the computer monitor and modify and greatly improved the quality of products and reduce the labor intensity of the workers. In recent years taking into account the large vacuum coating machines, and the diversification of applications, its special design to meet the maximum width 2200 mm, the largest winding diameter of 1000 mm, weighing about one ton of large volumes of the membrane and the smallest for the 320 mm wide The small volume of the film needs.
22004 approved the expansion project will introduce Menfu wider, greater productivity, more technologically advanced United States CPP cast film production line, the project has already begun, will be put into production in 2004. By then the company will form an annual capacity of 14,000 tons, will be more competitive.
To ensure the quality of products, our company has advanced the quality inspection and test equipment, such as: melt index detector, Refeng tester, transparency and fog-determination, surface friction coefficient tester, tension, etc. Universal. These machines can quickly and accurately detect the physical properties of film and optical properties, for the production of high-quality films provide good conditions.
The Company in 2000 to ISO9002-1994 quality system certification, in 2003 by the ISO9002-1994 version of the smooth transfer version ISO9001: 2000 standards, the establishment of a complete quality management system. Through the implementation of quality management system to ensure that the company can continue to effectively use and implementation of the present system, continues to improve and prevent the failure occurred, to achieve optimal product to meet our customers. Satisfaction Index in the peer has a higher level.
Fourth, business philosophy
In recent years, the company implemented a "people-oriented" business philosophy, education and training by strengthening trade unions, the use of scientific management means the implementation of quality management, upgrading production techniques, improved technology, enterprise product quality has been greatly improved. In the "customer's requirements for the work of the targets to search for customer satisfaction in the direction" of management policy, encouraging all employees keep making progress, the quality of the higher level.
5、the company Contact
Address: Shanghai Pudong New Area Dongchuan Road, 5535
Zip Code: 201201
Phone :021-58972888 --- 245, 273
Fax :021-58971731

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