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Shanghai Qingfeng Color Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979, is one of the backbone enterprises of Shanghai Whoo-Woo (Group) Co., Ltd. The company has accumulated more than more than 30 years of plastic flexible packaging production experience, formed from the design, printing, inspection, composite, cut roll, bag and other one-stop production services.

Over the years, we always pay attention to the current world of new technologies, new materials applications, through continuous learning and absorbing the essence of knowledge, as well as in the continuous testing of accumulated data and experience, walking in the forefront of market development, the advanced technology to integrate in the production of products.

In the fierce market competition, we have high-quality personalized service and stable product quality with customers grow together. Successive years, our business development has grown rapidly, all of this stems from the full trust of our customers, but also from our continuous enterprising thinking.

 At present, we have a large number of stable customer base, such as Inner Mongolia Yili Group, Wuhan Cofco Meat Food Co., Ltd., Nanjing Yurun Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jia GE Food Co., Ltd., days Oh Food (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai LAN-Ming Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xinghua Building (Group) Co., Ltd. Products covered by meat, frozen food, snack food, north and south goods, cosmetics, light industry and other varieties of plastic flexible packaging supplies and services. We pursue high-quality product production, meticulous technical progress, high quality management, has won a number of foreign customers alike, including some of our newly developed products also become foreign customers in the domestic market, the only procurement object. Each year, more than 25% of our sales come from the export business of engagement.